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28 April 2011

Obama's 'Official" Birth Certificate


I find it quite convenient the Obama camp has suddenly released what is supposed to be a copy of his Long Form Birth Certificate.. especially after spending over 2 Million to keep not only this document but so many other vitae documents from the public eye..  there has been

COULD this be because the managers are doing their best to detract from the real issue??  
COULD it be their is tooo much heat in the kitchen or someone is getting too close to the unvarnished truth of his birth??
COULD it be he is attempting to take this 'problem' out of the kettle so he is not disqualified in the 2012 Presidential race let alone being found ineligible to have held the office in the first place, a genuinely blatant political move...

You decide,.. Watch this video from U-Tube.. I can vouch for how easy it is to alter documents with today's computers.. anyone with a little knowledge of graphic programs, access to the proper document forms,.. and so on can generate such a document.. find your own Birth Certificate and compare..

ALSO, the requests for such documents are closely guarded under identity theft and privacy statutes,  not just anybody can 'walk in' and request a document such as this without proper ID.. also the request is limited to certain persons.. 

The Claim of Obama could not obtain a copy 'by law' is just a farce and false claim because the principal after the age of majority, parents or a personally authorized agent are the only entities who can receive a copy of a document such as this.. 

Also consider EVERY STATE, has a provision for delayed birth registration or correction  of Birth Certificates.. 

Fairly simple process.. generally all it takes is two person swearing an affidavit who are purported to have been in attendance at your birth or with personal knowledge or supporting legalistic documents of AT LEAST 5 years of age in Arkansas to make corrections on your birth certificate.

Do not let this bogus document change your opinion or belief at this time..

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