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Veterans, Reserves and Active Duty from all parts of Arkansas and across the nation, coming together to support those persons who best exemplify the principles on which our nation was founded - Fiscal Responsibility, Independent & self-sustaining, Freedoms GUARANTEED by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, serving our country not for personal gain but for the common good!!
WE are dedicated to making a difference once more.
We have served in all branches of military beginning with the Revolutionary WAR and continuing in every conflict to include more recently from beaches of Normandy, in jungles of SE Asia, to conflicts in Bosnia, Somalia, The Gulf War, Iraqi Freedom, all through the Cold War Period of 1945 - 1991, dedicating our lives to fighting terrorism in both Afghanistan and Iraq,
we now arise to serve again, fighting to reclaim our country and the principals upon which is was founded!!.


30 April 2010

United States Senator Candidates

United States Senator Candidates

Senator Blanche Lincoln
United States Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln, (Democrat) is running for re-election. She has served in the Senate since 1999 when she was the youngest woman ever to be elected to the U. S. Senate.
Bill Halter
Lt. Governor Bill Halter, (Democrat) scored 57% of the vote when he ran for Lt. Governor in 2006. He headed the drive to make the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery a reality. Raised in North Little Rock, Bill Halter was valedictorian of the Little Rock Catholic High School graduating class of 1979. In addition to being an economic advisor to President Bill Clinton, Bill Halter served the U.S. Congress as an economist for the Joint Economic Committee and as Chief Economist for the Senate Finance Committee. He also served as Deputy Commissioner of Social Security. Learn more about him at his website:
Randy Alexander
Randy Alexander (Republican) has 31 years experience directing campus housing services at universities, most recently at UA Fayetteville. In 2003, he formed Alexander & Associates, a consulting firm that provides housing master planning services for universities. He and wife Pat have been married 37 years and are members of Fellowship Bible Church in Rogers.
Gilbert Baker
State Senator Gilbert Baker (Republican) is former chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party. He is a retired instructor, academic advisor, and administrator at the University of Central Arkansas, with more than 20 years of service to higher education. He has served on the Boards of Independent Living Services, Habitat for Humanity, Faulkner County Area Agency on Aging, Life Choices Crisis Pregnancy Center, Southern Regional Education Board and the Arkansas Workforce Investment.
Congressman John Boozman
Congressman John Boozman (Republican) graduated from Northside High School in Fort Smith and played football for the University of Arkansas while completing his pre-optometry requirements. He graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in 1977 and entered private practice. He is married to the former Cathy Marley. In January 2003, Boozman was named an Assistant Whip, a position he still retains, making him responsible for helping House Republican Whip Eric Cantor secure the votes necessary to pass critical legislation.
Curtis Coleman
Curtis Coleman (Republican) is Chief Executive Officer of Safe Foods Corporation, one of the fastest growing pathogen-control food safety companies in the United States. He managed Mike Huckabee's first statewide campaign for the U.S. Senate in 1992 and was a national fundraiser for Huckabee's 2008 presidential campaign.
Kim Hendren
State Senator Kim Hendren (Republican) owns a manufacturing plant, a farming and ranching operation and assists in the operation of a 50,000-watt FM radio station, a local real estate office, and five auto dealerships. He is currently in his 12th year as a member of the Arkansas state legislature.
Jim Holt
State Senator Jim Holt (Republican) was the Republican nominee for United States Senate in 2004 running against Senator Blanche Lincoln, and was the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor in 2006 running against current Lt. Governor Bill Halter. He is a small business owner, a part-time counselor and home schools his children. He and wife Bobye have nine children.
Fred Ramey
Fred Ramey (Republican) is co-owner of Ramey & Co. Investments, a small real estate investment company and is also a driver for Fed Ex, a position he's had for sixteen years. He and his wife Gina, a teacher at Liberty Christian School, reside in Searcy with their four daughters.
Conrad Reynolds (Republican) is a a 29-year military veteran, having served in the United States Army Reserve and the regular Army from 1979 until January 2009. He retired with the rank of Colonel. He previously owned owned and operated a defense consulting business in Conway. He was a speaker at the 912 Rally at the Arkansas State Capitol and has announced a state-wide speaking tour with Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher.
John Gray
John Gray (Green) is a retired engineer and the current mayor of Greenland, Arkansas. One of his primary reasons for running is to help provide Medicare for All as a national health insurance. You can learn more about Mr. Gray at his website: John Gray for United States Senator.
Trevor Drown
Trevor Drown (Independent) served as a Green Beret in Afghanistan. He was a speaker at the Twelve Twelve at Twelve Arkansas Tea Party, sharing the stage with Conservative Syndicated Columnist, Author, and Fox News Channel Contributor Michelle Malkin.
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23 April 2010

Congressional Candidate, Tim Griffin's latest "brag"

It has been my experience with information coming out of the Tim Griffin Campaign Camp, is to put a positive 'spin' on all information this candidate wants to put forward concerning why he should be the Republican Candidate of choice!  This information is full of innuendo and half truths.. only telling you the part of the story he wants you to know..

His claim of winning the Debate is an extreme exaggeration of the truth.. considering no judges were present and this debate was mainly for the benefit of the group who sponsored the debate!!

The following is a very good example of this 'spinning' of information to present him is a positive light.. It is this person belief, if the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District were presented with the complete story about Tim Griffin they would have deep second thoughts about his ethics, principals and reliability to represent the people of Arkansas.  Every bit of evidence I have uncovered which Main Stream Media is unwilling to bring to the forefront, screams he is ALL ABOUT THE WASHINGTON INSIDER POLITICS!!

Release published by By Rob Moritz

it highlights points of similar views by both candidates
LITTLE ROCK — Two candidates with similar views on the issues tried to distinguish themselves in other ways Wednesday during a debate between Republican hopefuls for the party’s 2nd District congressional nomination
yet from a Griffin press release:

Calls President’s policies a ‘misplaced reliance on government’
drawing a sharp contrast between himself and his opponent in the May 18 Republican Primary.
from the article

Griffin was born in North Carolina, raised in Magnolia and spent years as a GOP operative in Washington, D.C. A protégé of Karl Rove, former top adviser to then-President George W. Bush, Griffin noted he has settled down in Little Rock to raise a family and run his law firm.
He defended his work in Washington, calling it a “great experience,” but said he is ready to work to defend the rights of Arkansans.
“No one hand-picked me.” Griffin said. “I think that the folks who want to win, they look around and they see which candidates can win. They understand … you need a well-organized and well-funded campaign. If you want a radical departure from the past, that means you need a well-funded campaign to defeat the Democrats.”
the very opposite is actually the truth..  you do not need a 'well funded' campaign to make an impact or win, many examples of this exist in several States, including one in Arkansas, that of Jim Holt against Blanche Lincoln just 6 years ago who on a very slim campaign budget won 44% of the vote, a David against Goliath story... and a true grassroots epic

to find out more about his 'work' in DC, read  the following previous post..

John Timothy Griffin - US Congressional Candidate for AR Dist. 2 - the Good, Bad, UGLY and LIES

this post highlights articles by investigative reporters who are not afraid to tell the truth...

HIS Claim
his campaign has the grassroots and financial support to win in 2010.
“Our campaign has earned the financial support of hundreds of Arkansans, the grassroots support of those in the Tea Party movement and national recognition as one of the best opportunities to turn a Democratic seat into a conservative one,” Griffin said.

His grassroots financial support comes from people such as the Walton Family members of Wal-mart Fame,  Murphy Oil and their management employees,  Oil companies whose headquarters are in Texas, Many contributions from Washington Lobby groups, media firms, legal firms, political advisement firms, the majority of in State financial contributions are not from within the 2nd District but from the major companies of Arkansas, a full 1/3 of his money has come from Political Action Committees,.. with persons not only donating for the primary but assuming he will need support for the general election as well..
What he has not told everyone who is following his campaign is that the numbers he is 'bragging'  about are not truthful,.. he is not talking about how much of this money he has spent on outside Arkansas consulting, how much has been spent on buying office help,.. on how much was spent on media ..  he is spending about as much as he is taking in... in essence BUYING  the election..
[the above information is taken from his FEC filings],

My assessment of the names of the donors from this FEC filling is a list of names which come straight from former contributors to Vic Snyder's previous campaigns, a list this writer gathered and supplied to David Meeks!!

I find it very strange his claim of grassroots when Griffin has been the recipient of 3 fundraising campaigns from Washington insiders,.. one was held in Dec. in Little Rock at $250.00 a plate, 2nd in Jan in Washington, 3rd held February in Little Rock by members of the NRCC.. if this does not point to 'hand picked' then I do not understand the term,..

I also find exceedingly strange an endorsement has come from David Meeks who previously 'bad mouthed' Griffin as a Washington insider and a person who was playing exactly by the Karl Rove play book!!
I find it strange how Griffin 'decided' to settle in Little Rock after the Senate Judiciary Committee would not confirm his appointment to the US Attorney General's position,.. this smacks of carpetbag planning to challenge Vic Snyder for the Congressional Seat,...
It is also 'strange' Griffin did not become a Republican Party member until 2006. 

support of those in the Tea Party movement 
This statement truly puzzles me since I am in touch with many of Arkansas' Tea Party persons,,, most of those I have talked to are quite concerned about his close connections with Washington DC,  many of which are in the 2nd Congressional District

in his bio he highlights being a 5th Generation Arkansan,.. well considering he was not born in this State brings to question if he will exaggerate this point, how many more facts has he been less than truthful about..

Let me itemize:

  • his legal prosecutory record with the military, refuted by a PAO officer from Army records
  • his time in Iraq - just long enough to be awarded the campaign medal
  • his down playing of his involvement in the vote caging incident in Florida which disenfranchised blacks and military
  • his appointment to the US Attorney's position for the Eastern District of Arkansas - which was a payoff for his participation in Karl Rove Schemes
this is a short list, reading supportive information will open a voters eyes as to the truth about Candidate Griffin!!

I challenge everyone in the 2nd District to take a closer look at Candidate Griffin because all is not as it seems... he is a RINO and playing the game of 'tell them what they want to hear' just like Blanche Lincoln, Mark Pryor, Marion Berry and so many other Democzarts masquerading as conservative..

Taking a long second look beyond the pretty surface, this is what an earnest, concerned voter needs to and should do to insure they have chosen the proper candidate to represent their interests in Washington DC,.. I also think it speaks mountains when you look at who has endorsed which candidate.. John Paul Hammerschmidt has an untarnished reputation for ethics and principals, putting Arkansas first ahead of his own financial interests.  I have personal knowledge along with a strong respect for this person for over 50 years!

21 April 2010

Senate Trying to Ram Through Another Bad Bill - SB 3217 Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010

Senate Trying to Ram Through Another Bad Bill . . . Surprised? 
Here's What You Need to Know
Dear Fellow Patriots,

This Friday Senate Bill 3217, also known as the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010, introduced by Democrat Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, is scheduled to hit the floor of the US Senate where it must wait 72 hours before it comes up for a full vote. CLICK HERE to read the actual 1,421 page bill.

The vast majority of Tea Party Patriots' Local Coordinators from all over the country agreed on our most recent weekly conference call that this is a bad bill and we oppose it
In short it grants permanent, unlimited bailout authority to the Federal Reserve.  It's like TARP forever without the nasty, unpopular debates and votes in Congress.  Beyond that it gives the Fed the power to takeover vaguely defined "nonbank financial companies".  And the Fed has the power to decide what constitutes a "nonbank financial company" on a case by case basis.
Here are some links to a few articles that give a bit more insight into this very, very bad piece of legislation which must be stopped:
So, what are we asking you to do? 
This includes all political candidates and office holders - your failure to act makes you complicit in this unprecedented action

Four things:
1.) Please contact your own Senators first and voice your opposition to this bill.  If possible, physically go in person to the local home offices of your two Senators and speak to someone there who will take note of your opinion and pass it on.  If you're not able to go in person, please call, email, and fax the offices of both Senators from your state. (Find Your Senators by State on the Senate Website)


Lincoln, Blanche L. - (D - AR)
(202) 224-4843

Fax (202) 228-1371

Web Form:

Main Page:

horizontal line
Pryor, Mark L. - (D - AR)
(202) 224-2353

Fax: (202) 228-0908
Web Form:

Main Page:

horizontal line

2.) Call, email, and fax these 8 Republican Senators who are not yet 100% opposed to this bill:

Robert F "Bob" Bennett - (R - UT)
(202) 224-5444

Fax: (202) 228-1168
Web Form:
Main Page:
horizontal line
Susan M. Collins - (R - ME)
(202) 224-2523

Fax: (202) 224-2693
Web Form:

Main Page:
horizontal line

Christopher S. Bond - (R - MO)

(202) 224-5721

Fax: not available

Web Form:

Main Page:
horizontal line
Saxby Chambliss - (R - GA)
(202) 224-3521

Fax: 202-224-0103
Web Form:

Main Page
horizontal line

Bob Corker - (R - TN)
(202) 224-3344

Fax: 202-228-0566
Web Form:

Main Page:
horizontal line

John McCain - (R - AZ)
(202) 224-2235

Fax: (202) 228-2862
Web Form:

Main Page:
horizontal line

Olympia J. Snowe - (R - ME)
(202) 224-5344

Fax: (202) 224-1946
Web Form:

Main Page:
horizontal line

Brown, Scott P. - (R - MA)
(202) 224-4543

Not Available


Main Page:

3.) Write Letters about this issue to your local paper for publication on or before Sunday.  Also leave comments on as many news blogs and websites related to this subject as you can find.
4.) Forward this message to as many people as you can and ask them to take these same 4 steps as soon as possible.  Use the full power of your circle of influence to move others (at least 1 more person) to take action.
Once again it's up to us, you and your fellow Patriots, to defend America from out of control government.
Thank you for performing this valuable service for your country!

20 April 2010

Army officer [Lt. Col Lakin] 'flagged' for challenging Obama


Army officer 'flagged' for challenging Obama

'It means there can be no favorable actions taken for me'

Please read the article:

With the stance this officer is taking, we as American Citizens, Officers of the Court & Oath Keepers, need to and should support his actions!!

He is standing on the prime orders every member of the military are aware of.. 
  • If an order is perceived as 'unlawful' in this case not officially rendered by a lawful chain of command which is what this person is strongly believing, then we have an obligation to deny the enactment of such orders!!
WE [government officials - State & Federal, Military members - officer and enlisted ] are obligated by our Oath of Office to bring such actions to public knowledge!!

G. Gordon Liddy is willing to represent him, Lt. Col Lakin is potentially facing a Court Martial for at the minimum of 'missing movement'  this will be the end of his military career!! he may well be facing incarceration, lose of retirement, lose of rank and any privileges gained from his military time investment.. and much more!!

There is too much at stake for the American Citizen and all military if we allow this blind following of orders of a person who just because of the general acceptance of position to which enough evidence points to a discrepancy in authenticity of eligibility, without requiring the divulgence of documents to substantiate his eligibility,.. all actions to this point have been to sequester such evidence from public scrutiny accompanied with the spending of massive amounts of money for the common person amounting to around $2 million at this time of which 3/4 of this sum is from the Tax payments of the American citizen utilizing the labor, resources, and assets of the Department of Justice!!

Background information:

Will the Army finally address the birther issue and court-martial Lt Col Lakin?
Media reports from the Pentagon indicate that Lt. Col Terry Lakin, ... Lt. Col. Lakin is a birther; part of a movement that questions Barack Obama's status ...

Video: Army Soldier invites a court martial in challenging Presiden...
Apr 14, 2010 ... The soldier's name is Terrence Lakin. Lt. Col. Lakin is a decorated 18-year Army veteran who has been awarded the Bronze Star. ...

Will the Army finally address the birther issue and court-martial ...
Media reports from the Pentagon indicate that Lt. Col Terry Lakin, an Army doctor, refused to care for wounded soldiers fighting the Taliban because he has ...

Decorated officer faces court-martial for challenging Obama eligibi...
Two days ago we reported on the case of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, Army surgeon, ... "Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, MD is to face a court martial for his refusal to obey ...

Lieutenant Colonel challenges Obama to prove natural born status >

Apr 16, 2010 ... Lieutenant Colonel Terrence ("Terry") Lakin serves as Chief of Primary Care and Flight Surgeon for the Pentagon's DiLorenzo TRICARE Health ...

Army doc, birther refuses to go to Afghanistan - >
Apr 14, 2010 ... Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin failed to report to Fort Campbell, Ky., on Monday, showing up instead at his old job in a clinic in the Pentagon, ...

Military court martials a Birther >
Apr 15, 2010 ... Lt Col Terry Lakin, a decorated Army doctor, will be court-martialed for refusing orders to go to Afghanistan until President Obama proves ...

Colorado Editorial Roundup - >
Apr 20, 2010 ... Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, while exercising rights that many Americans enjoy, now needs to suffer the consequences for his actions. ...

Military Affairs Examiner >
Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 - Will the Army finally address the birther issue and court-martial Lt. Col. Lakin?

Portland Political Buzz Examiner >
Two days ago we reported on the case of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, Army surgeon, highly decorated. Last week Lakin declared his intention to refuse to obey. ...

19 April 2010

SB.3217 Financial Stability - Sen Chris Dodd

This may well be our next major government encroachment effort by the Democzarts.. 
it has some scary provisions in it..

it is coming up for cloture vote.. PDQ!!  we need to act quickly and swiftly but with knowledge..

 SB.3217 Financial Stability - Sen Chris Dodd

Title: A original bill to promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system, to end "too big to fail", to protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts, to protect consumers from abusive financial services practices, and for other purposes.

Sponsor: Sen Dodd, Christopher J. [CT] (introduced 4/15/2010)
Cosponsors (None)

Latest Major Action: 4/15/2010 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 349.

TITLE(S): (italics indicate a title for a portion of a bill)
    A original bill to promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system, to end "too big to fail", to protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts, to protect consumers from abusive financial services practices, and for other purposes.

All Information (except text) Text of Legislation Summary Major Congressional Actions

All Congressional Actions

All Congressional Actions with Amendments
With links to Congressional Record pages, votes,reports
Titles Cosponsors (None) Committees
Related Bills Amendments Related Committee Documents
CBO Cost Estimates Subjects

The "Blue Dog" Hoax by Congressman Ed Bethune

The "Blue Dog" Hoax by Congressman Ed Bethune
First published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on February 7, 2010

For more than 40 years Arkansas independents and conservative Democrats have been the victims of a political hoax. The hoaxers were known as Boll Weevil Democrats during the Reagan years, but as voters caught on to what they were doing the Boll Weevils reinvented themselves as Blue Dog Democrats.

The modus operandi of both groups: 1) get elected to national office in Arkansas by claiming to be a conservative Democrat. 2) In Washington, use the “go along to get along” strategy to appease the liberals who control the national Democrat party. 3) When running for re-election deny “going along to get along.” Claim to be a conservative, not an enabler for the liberal agenda.

This year, thanks to the extreme agenda of President Obama, the Blue Dog hoax is revealed. On the first day of this congress they voted for Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco liberal, to be Speaker of the House. Then, there were votes for the 3.9 trillion dollar Obama budget; the pork-laden, debt-producing “stimulus” bill; and the terribly flawed Pelosi Obama health care bill. These votes stripped away the façade behind which the Blue Dogs have been hiding for years. Their constituencies – spitting mad - saw what they were doing. The hapless Blue Dogs were left with three choices.

Announce retirement. Many have done just that. In Arkansas, Congressman Marion Berry (AR-1) started 2009 “going along to get along.” He voted for Pelosi to be speaker, and then he voted for the trifecta – the Obama budget, the “stimulus” bill, and Pelosi Obamacare. His constituents were disappointed to learn that Marion is, and has been, an enabler for liberal Democrats. Berry declared on January 25 that he would not run again.

The second thing an exposed Blue Dog can do is to switch parties. Congressman Parker Griffith, an Alabama Blue Dog, moved to the Republican Party on December 22, 2009. Griffith said he could “no longer align himself with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country, hurts our economy and drives us further and further into debt.”

The final option for a frightened Blue Dog is to run for reelection on the hope that he, or she, can fool the electorate one more time. Consider the case of Congressman Mike Ross (AR-4). Ross claims to be a conservative, but he voted for Pelosi to be speaker; for the Obama Budget in April 2009 which made room for cap and trade, health care reform, and continued funding for every liberal program. The budget Ross supported would not stop, or slow down, a single Obama program. In January, 2009, Ross voted for the “stimulus” bill which is now known as one of the greatest boondoggles in congressional history. Obama was popular at the time and Ross gambled that he could get away with supporting Speaker Pelosi and the liberal Obama program.

By summer, in 2009, Ross realized it was getting harder to fool his constituents. They were in no mood to support Obamacare, particularly the extreme bill that was working its way through his committee, the Energy & Commerce Committee. Ross was in a spot. He had put out his brags that he was the leader of the Blue Dog effort on Obamacare and that their goal was to make the bill better, more conservative.

Obama, Pelosi, and Waxman, the very liberal chairman of the Energy & Commerce committee, wanted to pass the bill out of committee, merge it with bills from other committees, and send it to the full House before the August recess. But, Waxman needed at least two votes from the seven Blue Dog Democrats on the Committee. Ross cut a deal to deliver the two Blue Dog votes. The chairman, in exchange, would help Ross make it look like he had done something important. For his cover story, Ross would crow that he had made the bill better, and that he had delayed consideration by the full House until after the August recess.

On July 31, Ross and Congressman Bart Gordon (a Blue Dog Democrat from Tennessee who was planning to retire) voted for Waxman’s bill. It passed, 31-28. The way was now clear for Pelosi. She jammed her Pelosi Obamacare bill through the full House on November 7, 2009.

Ross, by then, was catching heat back home. He needed more cover, so to round out his trickery, he voted against the bill when it came to the House floor claiming he had done all he could to stop it. What he did not say to Arkansans is that Pelosi’s Obamacare bill would never have made it to a vote in the House if he, Ross, had not given Waxman his vote in committee.

Once he gave in to the liberals, Ross was no longer a factor in the health care debate, particularly with the Blue Dogs he claimed to be leading. Of the fifty-two member Blue Dog coalition, 28 voted “Yea” and 24 voted “Nay” on final passage of the very liberal Pelosi Obamacare. Was Ross representing the 4th District, or was he an enabler for Obama’s liberal agenda?

Senators, aloof as they are, don’t use the Blue Dog title very much, but some of them play the hoax as well as House members. Consider Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas. She voted for the senate Obamacare bill that Majority Leader Harry Reid cobbled together in a back room, even though her constituents were telling her to vote against it. Reid, a few months before, had given her the Agriculture committee chairmanship and she was not about to stand up to him, no matter what was in the bill. She, like Berry and Ross, did her version of “go along to get along” and voted for the bill even though it was laden with pork. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana proudly announced that she had gotten $300 million for her vote. Senator Ben Nelson swapped his vote for one billion dollars to exempt his state of Nebraska from Medicaid costs that other states would have to pay. These briberies, done in public view, didn’t stop Blanche. Was she representing Arkansans or was she an enabler for the Obama liberal agenda?

The essential characteristic of a hoax is to convey information that is, although false, at least somewhat credible. Such deceptions have helped Blue Dog Democrats win elections in conservative districts for more than 40 years, but will it work in 2010? The voters in Arkansas will answer that question on November 2.

Ed Bethune was elected to Congress from the 2nd Congressional District of Arkansas in 1978. He served until 1985. He was born and raised a Democrat and became a Republican after he helped Governor Winthrop Rockefeller defeat the Faubus machine.

18 April 2010

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe offers support for Barack Obama

You have got to watch this video,.. Beebe is a stooge for Obama!! this is one of the reasons he WILL NOT fight against his policies..

15 April 2010

U.S. Congress Candidates for Arkansas with Rating information

U.S. Congress Candidates for Arkansas

Primary election date : 05/18/2010

U.S. Senate Randy Alexander Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate Gilbert Baker Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate John Boozman Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate Curtis Coleman Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate William Halter Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate Kim Hendren Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate Jim Holt Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate Blanche Lincoln Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate DC Morrison Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate Fred Ramey Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. Senate Conrad Reynolds Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 1 Steve Bryles Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 1 Chad Causey Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 1 David Cook Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 1 Rick Crawford Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 1 Terry Green Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 1 Ben Ponder Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 1 Princella Smith Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 1 Tim Wooldridge Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 2 John Adams Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 2 David Boling Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 2 Joyce Elliott Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 2 Tim Griffin Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 2 Patrick Kennedy Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 2 Scott Wallace Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 2 Robbie Wills Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 Cecile Bledsoe Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 R. Gunner DeLay Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 Steve Lowry Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 Kurt Maddox Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 Douglas Matayo Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 Mike Moore Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 Bernie Skoch Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 David Whitaker Democratic Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 3 Steve Womack Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 4 Glenn Gallas Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 4 Beth Rankin Republican Running (Primary) Pending
U.S. House 4 Michael Ross Democratic Running (Primary) Pending