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23 April 2010

Congressional Candidate, Tim Griffin's latest "brag"

It has been my experience with information coming out of the Tim Griffin Campaign Camp, is to put a positive 'spin' on all information this candidate wants to put forward concerning why he should be the Republican Candidate of choice!  This information is full of innuendo and half truths.. only telling you the part of the story he wants you to know..

His claim of winning the Debate is an extreme exaggeration of the truth.. considering no judges were present and this debate was mainly for the benefit of the group who sponsored the debate!!

The following is a very good example of this 'spinning' of information to present him is a positive light.. It is this person belief, if the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District were presented with the complete story about Tim Griffin they would have deep second thoughts about his ethics, principals and reliability to represent the people of Arkansas.  Every bit of evidence I have uncovered which Main Stream Media is unwilling to bring to the forefront, screams he is ALL ABOUT THE WASHINGTON INSIDER POLITICS!!

Release published by By Rob Moritz

it highlights points of similar views by both candidates
LITTLE ROCK — Two candidates with similar views on the issues tried to distinguish themselves in other ways Wednesday during a debate between Republican hopefuls for the party’s 2nd District congressional nomination
yet from a Griffin press release:

Calls President’s policies a ‘misplaced reliance on government’
drawing a sharp contrast between himself and his opponent in the May 18 Republican Primary.
from the article

Griffin was born in North Carolina, raised in Magnolia and spent years as a GOP operative in Washington, D.C. A protégé of Karl Rove, former top adviser to then-President George W. Bush, Griffin noted he has settled down in Little Rock to raise a family and run his law firm.
He defended his work in Washington, calling it a “great experience,” but said he is ready to work to defend the rights of Arkansans.
“No one hand-picked me.” Griffin said. “I think that the folks who want to win, they look around and they see which candidates can win. They understand … you need a well-organized and well-funded campaign. If you want a radical departure from the past, that means you need a well-funded campaign to defeat the Democrats.”
the very opposite is actually the truth..  you do not need a 'well funded' campaign to make an impact or win, many examples of this exist in several States, including one in Arkansas, that of Jim Holt against Blanche Lincoln just 6 years ago who on a very slim campaign budget won 44% of the vote, a David against Goliath story... and a true grassroots epic

to find out more about his 'work' in DC, read  the following previous post..

John Timothy Griffin - US Congressional Candidate for AR Dist. 2 - the Good, Bad, UGLY and LIES

this post highlights articles by investigative reporters who are not afraid to tell the truth...

HIS Claim
his campaign has the grassroots and financial support to win in 2010.
“Our campaign has earned the financial support of hundreds of Arkansans, the grassroots support of those in the Tea Party movement and national recognition as one of the best opportunities to turn a Democratic seat into a conservative one,” Griffin said.

His grassroots financial support comes from people such as the Walton Family members of Wal-mart Fame,  Murphy Oil and their management employees,  Oil companies whose headquarters are in Texas, Many contributions from Washington Lobby groups, media firms, legal firms, political advisement firms, the majority of in State financial contributions are not from within the 2nd District but from the major companies of Arkansas, a full 1/3 of his money has come from Political Action Committees,.. with persons not only donating for the primary but assuming he will need support for the general election as well..
What he has not told everyone who is following his campaign is that the numbers he is 'bragging'  about are not truthful,.. he is not talking about how much of this money he has spent on outside Arkansas consulting, how much has been spent on buying office help,.. on how much was spent on media ..  he is spending about as much as he is taking in... in essence BUYING  the election..
[the above information is taken from his FEC filings],

My assessment of the names of the donors from this FEC filling is a list of names which come straight from former contributors to Vic Snyder's previous campaigns, a list this writer gathered and supplied to David Meeks!!

I find it very strange his claim of grassroots when Griffin has been the recipient of 3 fundraising campaigns from Washington insiders,.. one was held in Dec. in Little Rock at $250.00 a plate, 2nd in Jan in Washington, 3rd held February in Little Rock by members of the NRCC.. if this does not point to 'hand picked' then I do not understand the term,..

I also find exceedingly strange an endorsement has come from David Meeks who previously 'bad mouthed' Griffin as a Washington insider and a person who was playing exactly by the Karl Rove play book!!
I find it strange how Griffin 'decided' to settle in Little Rock after the Senate Judiciary Committee would not confirm his appointment to the US Attorney General's position,.. this smacks of carpetbag planning to challenge Vic Snyder for the Congressional Seat,...
It is also 'strange' Griffin did not become a Republican Party member until 2006. 

support of those in the Tea Party movement 
This statement truly puzzles me since I am in touch with many of Arkansas' Tea Party persons,,, most of those I have talked to are quite concerned about his close connections with Washington DC,  many of which are in the 2nd Congressional District

in his bio he highlights being a 5th Generation Arkansan,.. well considering he was not born in this State brings to question if he will exaggerate this point, how many more facts has he been less than truthful about..

Let me itemize:

  • his legal prosecutory record with the military, refuted by a PAO officer from Army records
  • his time in Iraq - just long enough to be awarded the campaign medal
  • his down playing of his involvement in the vote caging incident in Florida which disenfranchised blacks and military
  • his appointment to the US Attorney's position for the Eastern District of Arkansas - which was a payoff for his participation in Karl Rove Schemes
this is a short list, reading supportive information will open a voters eyes as to the truth about Candidate Griffin!!

I challenge everyone in the 2nd District to take a closer look at Candidate Griffin because all is not as it seems... he is a RINO and playing the game of 'tell them what they want to hear' just like Blanche Lincoln, Mark Pryor, Marion Berry and so many other Democzarts masquerading as conservative..

Taking a long second look beyond the pretty surface, this is what an earnest, concerned voter needs to and should do to insure they have chosen the proper candidate to represent their interests in Washington DC,.. I also think it speaks mountains when you look at who has endorsed which candidate.. John Paul Hammerschmidt has an untarnished reputation for ethics and principals, putting Arkansas first ahead of his own financial interests.  I have personal knowledge along with a strong respect for this person for over 50 years!

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