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Veterans, Reserves and Active Duty from all parts of Arkansas and across the nation, coming together to support those persons who best exemplify the principles on which our nation was founded - Fiscal Responsibility, Independent & self-sustaining, Freedoms GUARANTEED by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, serving our country not for personal gain but for the common good!!
WE are dedicated to making a difference once more.
We have served in all branches of military beginning with the Revolutionary WAR and continuing in every conflict to include more recently from beaches of Normandy, in jungles of SE Asia, to conflicts in Bosnia, Somalia, The Gulf War, Iraqi Freedom, all through the Cold War Period of 1945 - 1991, dedicating our lives to fighting terrorism in both Afghanistan and Iraq,
we now arise to serve again, fighting to reclaim our country and the principals upon which is was founded!!.


27 October 2010

Gun Microstamping Study Bill Introduced in U.S. House

take a close look at the Sponsors of this Legislation..

Dan Boren of Oklahoma and John Boozman of Arkansas..

Gun Microstamping Study Bill Introduced in U.S. House

U.S. Congressman Dan Boren introduced legislation this week (H.R. 5667) to direct the U.S. Attorney General to work with the National Academy of Sciences to conduct a comprehensive study of firearm microstamping. NSSF supports this bipartisan legislation as a means of ensuring adequate research of microstamping is completed, and the concept is proven to work reliably, prior to states mandating microstamping through the legislative process.

Firearms microstamping is a patented process that laser engraves the firearm's make, model and serial number on the tip of the gun's firing pin so that, in theory, it imprints the information on discharged cartridge cases. Every independent study to examine the concept of microstamping has determined that it does not function reliably and is flawed.
NSSF thanks Rep. Boren (D – Okla.) for sponsoring this bill and  Reps. Broun (R-Ga.), Bishop (R-Utah), Herseth Sandlin (D-SD), Altmire (D-Pa.), Miller (R-Fl.) and Boozman (R- Ark.) for co-sponsoring this commonsense measure.
To learn more about firearms microstamping, please visit the NSSF Microstamping Fact Sheet.

How is this common sense??.   when it has been technically PROVEN this is unreliable at best .. and has far reaching implications in Constitutionality??  not to mention potential wrongful prosecution .. the unintended consequences of this legislation are far reaching and endlesss...

Guns & Ammo DO NOT KILL!!   guns and ammo do not have a conscience, only when engaged with a human behind these inanimate objects who loads the ammo and then makes the choice to use the gun does it become an active means to kill, 

To control the population, the government only needs to control education, guns and social benefits!!

Beware of RINO 'Conservatives' bearing gifts.. 

Arkansas, is this the person you want to continue to represent you in the US Senate..

19 October 2010

Bill Cosby on Black Children's behavior

Bill Cosby on Stage

'They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English.

I can't even talk the way these people talk:
Why you ain't,
Where you is,
What he drive,
Where he stay,
Where he work,
Who you be...

And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. 

And then I heard the father talk. 

Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth
In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living.

People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an Education, and now we've got these knuckleheads walking around.

The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal.

These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids.

$500 sneakers for what?

And they won't spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics.

I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit.

Where were you when he was 2?

Where were you when he was 12?

Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn't know that he had a pistol?

And where is the father? Or who is his father?

People putting their clothes on backward: Isn't that a sign of something gone wrong?

People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack, isn't that a sign of something?

Isn't it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up and got all type of needles [piercing] going through her body?

What part of Africa did this come from??

We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans; they don't know a thing about Africa .....

I say this all of the time. It would be like white people saying they are European-American.
That is totally stupid.

I was born here, and so were my parents and grand parents and, very likely my great grandparents. I don't have any connection to Africa, no more than white Americans have to Germany, Scotland, England, Ireland, or the Netherlands . The same applies to 99 percent of all the black Americans as regards to Africa . So stop, already! ! !

With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap ......... And all of them are in jail.

Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person's problem.

We have got to take the neighborhood back.

People used to be ashamed. Today a woman has eight children with eight different 'husbands' -- or men or whatever you call them now.

We have millionaire football players who cannot read.

We have million-dollar basketball players who can't write two paragraphs. We, as black folks have to do a better job.

Someone working at Wal-Mart with seven kids, you are hurting us.

We have to start holding each other to a higher standard..

We cannot blame the white people any longer.'

Dr.. William Henry 'Bill' Cosby, Jr., Ed..D.

Bill Cosby

It's NOT about color... It's about behavior!!!


I received this in an email, but it is worth posting because not only do we have black children doing these behaviors but our white children are finding this 'kool' therefore are copying these behaviors..   Also this trend is not just in the black community but also in the lower economic levels within the white neighborhoods as will

It is PAST time for parents to be the parent they are meant to be not the 'buddy' they try to be..Think about this fact, these children are the voters of tomorrow, If we do not give them the training and guidance TODAY,  how are they going to be a productive citizen of tomorrow with sound moral values to be able to make sound common sense judgments about life??

life's lessons begin at home..

03 October 2010

The Privilege of Voting

Judy Doucette 
Trust in God, and fear nothing... Gen. Lewis A. Armistead, CSA

A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America', for an amount ' up to, and including their life'. That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country today, who no longer understand that fact!

This is definitely worth repeating.  November 2nd will soon be here. 

This is the story of our Mothers and Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers who lived only 90 years ago.  
Remember,  it was not until 1920  that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote.  

The  women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking  for the vote.
And by the end of the night, they were barely alive.
Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden's blessing
Went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of 'obstructing  sidewalk traffic.'
Lucy  Burns
They  beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above her head  and left her hanging for the night, bleeding and gasping for air.

Dora  Lewis
They  hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her Head against  an iron bed and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate, Alice Cosu,  thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack. Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing, dragging, beating,  choking, slamming, pinching, twisting and kicking the women.   

Thus unfolded the 'Night of Terror' on Nov. 15, 1917,  when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered  his  guards  to teach a lesson to the suffragists imprisoned there because they  dared to picket Woodrow Wilson's White House for the right to vote. 

Alice  Paul
When  one of the leaders, Alice Paul, embarked on a hunger strike, they  tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat and poured  liquid into her until she vomited. She was tortured like this for weeks until word was smuggled out to the press.  

Mrs.  Pauline Adams in the prison garb she wore while serving a  sixty-day sentence.
For  weeks, the women's only water came from an open pail. Their  food -- all of it colorless slop -- was infested with worms.       

So,  refresh my memory. Some women won't vote this year  because  - why,  exactly? We have  carpool duties? We have to get to work? Our vote  doesn't matter? It's raining? 
So, what will be your excuse for not exercising a hard won precious privilege??
Miss  Edith Ainge, of Jamestown , New York

Last  week, I went to a sparsely attended screening of HBO's new movie  'Iron Jawed Angels.' It is a graphic depiction of the battle these  women waged so that I could pull the curtain at the polling booth  and have my say. I am ashamed to say I needed the reminder. 
Berthe  Arnold, CSU graduate
All  these years later, voter registration is still my passion. But the actual act of voting had become less personal for me, more rote. Frankly, voting often felt more like an obligation than a privilege.  Sometimes it was inconvenient.
   [ Is protecting of our liberties and way of life 'inconvenient'? for that is what not exercising your privilege to vote means]

My  friend Wendy, who is my age and studied women's history, Saw the HBO movie, too. When she stopped by my desk to  talk About it, she looked angry. She was--with herself.  'One thought kept coming back to me as I watched that  movie,' she said. 'What would those women think of the way I use, or don't use, my  right to vote? All of us take it for granted now, not just  younger women, but those of us who did seek to learn.' The right to vote, she said, had become valuable to her 'all  over again.'
 HBO released the movie on  video and DVD. I wish all History, Social studies and American Government teachers would include the movie in their curriculum I want it shown on Bunco night, too, and anywhere else women gather. I realize this isn't our usual idea of  socializing,  but we are not voting in the numbers that we should be, and I think a little shock therapy is in order.
Conferring  over ratification [of the 19th Amendment to the U.S.  Constitution] at [National Woman's Party] headquarters,  Jackson Pl [ace] [ Washington , D.C. ]. L-R Mrs. Lawrence  Lewis, Mrs. Abby Scott Baker, Anita Pollitzer, Alice Paul,  Florence Boeckel, Mabel Vernon (standing, right)
It  is jarring to watch Woodrow Wilson and his cronies try to  persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul insane so that she could be permanently institutionalized. And it is inspiring to watch the doctor refuse. Alice Paul was strong,  he said, and brave. That didn't make her crazy.
The doctor admonished the men: 'Courage in women is often  mistaken for insanity.'
 Please, if  you are so inclined, pass this on to all the women you know.   We need to get out and vote and use this right that was fought so hard for by these very courageous women.  Whether you vote for the Democratic, Republican Party or Independent   - Just remember to vote.

Helena  Hill Weed, Norwalk,  Conn. Serving 3 day sentence in D.C. Prison for carrying  banner, 'Go vernments derive their just powers from the  consent of the governed.'

History  is being made.  

  ARE you willing to be an active participant or continue as part of the voting apathy which prevails throughout the majority of American citizens? Continuing to stand by while allowing our elected officials to grab more and more power, tell us, The People, what is best for us, and much more?  It is your choice, which do your prefer??  This is the value of your vote!!

Jean McClellan-Chambers
Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator
AR Vets Coaliton
Vet 2 Vet USA
Arkansas Voter's Right of Recall
Arklahoma Veterans & Patriots
Founder & Regional Coordinator
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24 September 2010



 I love this guy!  

You all remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona , who painted the jail cells pink and made the inmates wear pink prison garb. Well.........  


Oh, there's MUCH more to know about Sheriff Joe! 

Maricopa  County was spending approx. $18 million dollars a year on stray animals, like cats and dogs. Sheriff Joe offered to take the department over, and the County Supervisors said okay. 

The animal shelters are now all staffed and operated by prisoners. They feed and care for the strays. Every animal in his care is taken out and walked twice daily. He now has prisoners who are experts in animal nutrition and behavior. They give great classes for anyone who'd like to adopt an animal. He has literally taken stray dogs off the street, given them to the care of prisoners, and had them place in dog shows.

The best part? His budget for the entire department is now under $3 million. Teresa and I adopted a Weimaraner from a Maricopa County shelter two years ago. He was neutered, and current on all shots, in great health, and even had a microchip inserted the day we got him. Cost us $78. 

The prisoners get the benefit of about $0.28 an hour for working, but most would work for free, just to be out of their cells for the day. Most of his budget is for utilities, building maintenance, etc. He pays the prisoners out of the fees collected for adopted animals. 

I have long wondered when the rest of the country would take a look at the way he runs the jail system, and copy some of his ideas. He has a huge farm, donated to the county years ago, where inmates can work, and they grow most of their own fresh vegetables and food, doing all the work and harvesting by hand. 

He has a pretty good sized hog farm, which provides meat, and fertilizer. It fertilizes the Christmas tree nursery, where prisoners work, and you can buy a living Christmas tree for $6 - $8 for the Holidays, and plant it later. We have six trees in our yard from the Prison.

Yup, he was reelected last year with 83% of the vote. 

 Now he's in trouble with the ACLU again. He painted all his buses and vehicles with a mural, that has a special hotline phone number painted on it, where you can call and report suspected illegal aliens. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement wasn't doing enough in his eyes, so he had 40 deputies trained specifically for enforcing immigration laws, started up his hotline, and bought 4 new buses just for hauling folks back to the border. He's kind of a 'Git-R Dun' kind of Sheriff. 





Sheriff Joe Arpaio (In Arizona ) who created the ' Tent City Jail': 

 He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them.

He stopped smoking and porno magazines in the jails. Took away their weights. Cut off all but 'G' movies. 

He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work on county and city projects.

Then He Started Chain Gangs For Women So He Wouldn't Get  Sued For Discrimination. 

He took away cable TV Until he found out there was A Federal Court Order that Required Cable TV For Jails So He Hooked Up The Cable TV Again Only Let In The Disney Channel And The Weather Channel. 

When asked why the weather channel He Replied, So They Will Know How Hot It's Gonna Be While They Are Working ON My Chain Gangs. 

He Cut Off Coffee Since It Has Zero Nutritional Value. 

When the inmates complained, he told them, 'This Isn't The Ritz/Carlton......If You Don't Like It, Don't Come Back.' 

More On The Arizona Sheriff: 

With Temperatures Being Even Hotter Than Usual In Phoenix (116 Degrees Just Set A New Record), the Associated Press Reports:
 About 2,000 Inmates Living In A Barbed-Wire-Surrounded Tent Encampment At The Maricopa County Jail Have Been Given Permission To Strip Down To Their Government-Issued Pink Boxer Shorts. 

On Wednesday, hundreds of men wearing boxers were either curled up on their bunk beds or chatted in the tents, which reached 138 Degrees Inside The Week Before.

Many Were Also Swathed In Wet, Pink Towels As Sweat Collected On Their Chests And Dripped Down To Their PINK SOCKS. 

'It Feels Like We Are In A Furnace,' Said James Zanzot, An Inmate Who Has Lived In The TENTS for 1 year. 'It's Inhumane.' 

Joe Arpaio, the tough-guy sheriff who created the tent city and long ago started making his prisoners wear pink, and eat bologna sandwiches, is not one bit sympathetic. He said Wednesday that he told all of the inmates: 'It's 120 Degrees In Iraq And Our Soldiers Are Living In Tents Too, And They Have To Wear Full Battle Gear,
 But They Didn't Commit Any Crimes,
So Shut Your Mouths!' 

Way To Go, Sheriff! 

Maybe if all prisons were like this one there would be a lot less crime and/or repeat offenders. Criminals should be punished for their crimes - not live in luxury until it's time for their parole, only to go out and commit another crime so they can get back in to live on taxpayers money and enjoy things taxpayers can't afford to have for themselves. 

If you agree, pass this on. If not,  oh well, we are all entitled to our opinion in this country!

17 September 2010

Subject: Maxine on the Federal Government

Subject: Maxine -
Let me get this straight. We're going to be "gifted" with a health care plan we are forced to purchase
and fined if we don't,
written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it
passed by a Congress that hasn't read it
but exempts themselves from it,
to be signed by a president who also  smokes,
with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes,
to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese,
and financed by a country that's broke

What the @#$% could possibly go wrong?

12 September 2010

Canadian prediciton on Obama

I could not agree with the statements below any more, obviously, some Canadian's are smarter/wiser than some of our voters!!!

I will quote my words spoken the morning after the 2008 election day,  'The voters of the country will rue the day they ever elected him [Obama] president!!  Heaven help us!!  then I was called a 'racist' for now being ecstatic at electing a mulatto to the highest office in this land..   one look at what passed as a political record should have made a reasonable person with any common sense be apprehensive at the least if not scared at what the next 4 years would bring!
If you will recall.. there was never any substance to his mantra of change -  what did he even outline definitively would be his changes.. 
As a Vietnam Era Veteran, former military wife, mother, grandmother, history buff, and above all a very concerned natural citizen of the greatest country history has ever witnessed,  I am very concerned at the direction we are being FORCED to travel, which is away from the foundations this country was created.  If we do not pay heed to history, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of every great civilization of the past!
WE can not take principal, ethics, high moral standards, family values discipline and respect out of the social values without suffering the consequences of social degradation..

Canadian prediciton on Obama

Ever wonder why we have to depend on the foreign press to find out what's "really" going on in our own country.  It's a good thing that Obama and the democrats don't own the Canadian press..  Here is what Howard Galganov predicts for Barack Hussein Obama - PLEASE READ: 

Barack Hussein Obama:   I Told You So -  Yes I DidBy Howard Galganov 
Montreal, Quebec ,  Canada 

When Obama won the Presidency with the help of the LEFTIST Media,Hollywood And Entertainment Liberals, Ethnic Socialists (ACORN), Stupid Non-Business Professionals and Bush Haters, I wrote:  It won't take six months until the People figure this guy out and realize how horrible a mistake they've made..  And when they come to that realization, the damage to the United States of America will be so great it will take a generation or more to repair - IF EVER.

The IDIOTS who not only voted for the Messiah, but also worked [hard] to promote his Lordship, are now left holding the bag.

Here are two things they will NEVER do:  They will NEVER admit to making a Blunder out of all proportion by electing a snake-oil salesman with no Positive social history or management experience of any kind.  They will NEVER take responsibility for the curse they've imposed upon the immediate and long-term future of their country.

In essence, the people responsible for putting this horror show in power are themselves responsible for every cataclysmic decision he makes and the Consequences thereof.

In just six months, the Messiah's polls are showing the following:  1. On Healthcare Reform - He's going under for the third time with polling well Under 50 percent, even within his own Party.  Even though he might be able to Muscle a Healthcare Reform Bill by using Chicago BULLY tactics against his Fellow Democrats, it will just make things worse..  2. On Cap and Trade (Cap and Tax) - The Fat-Lady is already singing.  3. On the Stimulus Package (Tax and Spend) - His popularity is in FREE-FALL.  4. On the TARP package he took and ran with from President Bush - It's all but Good-Night Irene.  5. On the closing of GITMO and "HIS" war on what he no longer wants called the War On Terrorism - He's standing in quicksand with his head just about to go under.  6. On a Comparison between himself and George W. Bush at the same six months into Their respective first term Presidencies - Bush is ahead of him in the Polls. 7. On a comparison between He Who Walks On Water and the 12 preceding Presidents between WW II and now - Obama ranks 10th.  8. On a Poll just Conducted, that asks who would you vote for today between Obama and Mitt Romney - It's a dead heat.  Between Obama and Palin - Obama's ONLY ahead by 8 Points and she hasn't even begun to campaign.  It seems to me that Obama Wants to be everywhere where he shouldn't be.

He's personally invested in 'totally insulting' America 's ONLY REAL Middle Eastern ally ( Israel ) in favor of Palestinian Despots and Murderers.  He's traveling the world apologizing for the USA while lecturing others on how to do it right, when in fact and truth he has no experience at doing anything other than getting elected.

He went to the Muslim world in Egypt to declare that America IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION while he heaped praises on Islam, where he compared the "plight" of the Palestinians to the Holocaust.

  1. The Russians think he's a putz, The French think he's rude.
  2. The Germans want him to stop spending.
  3. The Indians want him to mix his nose out of their environmental business.
  4. The North Koreans think he's a joke, The Iranians won't acknowledge his calls.
  5. And the British can't even come up with a comprehensive opinion of him.
  6. As for the Chinese, he's too frightened to even glance their way.  [After All, China now owns a large portion of the United States .]

Maybe if America's first Emperor would stay home more, travel less, and work a little bit instead of being on television just about everyday or stop running to "papered" Town Hall Meetings, perhaps he would have a little bit of time to do the work of the nation.

In all fairness, it wasn't HARD to be RIGHT in my prediction concerning Obama's presidency, even in its first six months, so I'm going to make yet another prediction: 

OBAMA WILL PROBABLY NOT FINISH HIS 4-YEAR TERM, at least not in a Conventional way.

He is such a political HORROR SHOW, and so detrimental to the USA and his Own Democratic Party, that the Democrats themselves will either FORCE him to Resign or figure out a way to have him thrown out.

Who knows, maybe he really isn't a BORN US Citizen and that's a way the Democrats will be able to get rid of him.  [He is a citizen, but not a naturalized citizen with both mother and father being US citizens.]


I don't believe the Democrats have nearly as much love for their country as they do for their own political fortunes. And with Obama, their fortunes are rapidly becoming toast.

If you agree with this please pass it along to everyone you know! If you don't agree with it, then just continue to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, continue being part of the greatest problem this country has ever seen! My guess is, You don't think this "CHANGE" is what you expected either.

11 June 2010

The Real Red, White and Blue, Miss America.

The Real Miss America.

This 19 year old ex-cheerleader (now an Air Force Security Forces Sniper) was watching a road that led to a NATO military base when she observed a man digging by the road. She engaged the target (I.e. she shot him). It turned out he was a bomb maker for the Taliban and he was burying an IED that was to be detonated when a US patrol walked by 30 minutes later. It would have certainly killed and wounded several soldiers.

The interesting fact of this story is the shot was measured at 725 yards. She shot him as he was bent over burying the bomb. The shot went through his butt and into the bomb which detonated; he was blown to pieces. 

The Air Force made a motivational poster of her:

Folks, that's a shot 25 yards longer than seven football fields!  And the last thing that came out of his mouth was his ass!

If You Can Not Stand Behind / Support Our Troops,
Please Feel Free To Stand In Front Of Them!

If you agree with this, share it!  If not, why then, just move on.  Ain't freedom a grand thang!!!!!?

10 June 2010

Mchugh Strengthens Arlington National Cemetery Management, Oversight

Mchugh Strengthens Arlington National Cemetery Management, Oversight

                Secretary of the Army John McHugh today announced sweeping changes in the management and oversight of Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) following completion of a months-long probe by the Army's Inspector General.
                 "While the Inspector General's (IG) team found that ANC employees – under an extraordinarily high operational tempo of 27 to 30 funerals a day – performed their jobs with dedication and to a high professional standard, they also found them hampered by dysfunctional management, the lack of established policy and procedures, and an overall unhealthy organizational climate," McHugh said.  "That ends today."
                 McHugh ordered the investigation following allegations of lost accountability of some graves and poor record keeping, among other issues.  The Army released its investigation findings at a Pentagon news conference today.  The investigation followed an earlier inspection and management review ordered by McHugh's predecessor, former Army Secretary Pete Geren, which McHugh expanded shortly after taking office.  Those findings were also released today.
                 "Both reports pointed to the lack of established policies and procedures, a failure to automate records, and long-term systemic problems," he said.
                 As part of a series of corrective measures, McHugh established the newly-created position of Executive Director (ED) of the Army National Cemeteries Program, whose duties will include oversight of cemetery management, reviewing and updating policies and procedures, and implementing corrective measures outlined in the investigation and inspection reports.  McHugh appointed Kathryn Condon to serve as ED.  Condon previously served as the senior civilian for Army Materiel Command - overseeing one of the largest commands in the Army, with more than 60,000 employees in 149 locations worldwide.
                 Among a host of other changes and initiatives, McHugh is establishing an Army National Cemeteries Advisory Commission, which will include officials from outside the Army to regularly review policies and procedures, and provide additional guidance and support.   McHugh has enlisted the services of former senators and Army veterans Max Cleland and Bob Dole to begin that effort.
                 Dole represented Kansas in the Senate for three decades, and in 2007 co-chaired a commission investigating deficiencies at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.   In addition to serving as senator from Georgia, Cleland is a former head of the Department of Veterans Affairs and currently serves as secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commission, which oversees American burial grounds in foreign countries, including the American cemetery and memorial in Normandy, France.  Both are decorated Army veterans.
                 ANC Superintendent John Metzler Jr., will remain in his post supporting funerals and ceremonial activities until July 2 - when he retires from federal service.  However, Metzler will now report directly to the new executive director, and has received a letter of reprimand from McHugh based on the IG's findings.
                 At McHugh's request, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is providing a detailee while the Army conducts a nationwide search for a new superintendent.
                 Patrick K. Hallinan, director of the Office of Field Programs for the VA, who is responsible for the development and implementation of National Cemetery Policy, will be temporarily reassigned to ANC as its superintendent.   Hallinan has more than 31 years of cemetery service, and currently has oversight responsibilities for 130 national cemeteries.
                 The cemetery's deputy superintendent was placed on administrative leave pending a disciplinary review in the wake of the findings.
                 "Arlington National Cemetery is the place where valor rests, a place of reverence and respect for all Americans," McHugh said.  "The Army recognizes its sacred responsibility to ensure America's confidence in the operation of its most hallowed ground, and to the heroes for whom this is their final resting place.  I believe these changes will do just that."
                 In addition to Arlington National Cemetery, the Army National Cemeteries Program includes the Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery in Washington, DC.
                 The IG's report and other documents are located on the Web at
                 For additional information, call Army Media Relations Division at 703-614-1742 or 703-697-2564.

30 May 2010

Illegal Immigration - Why Arizona is so upset..

As they say below..... You will not see the following on the news so send to everyone you know & ask to pass on. Especially those people not living in Mexico/US border states. I bet they would be shocked!

This is our beautiful state and the only problem I have is......
the problems that will be coming soon to your state.
See... There is no problem in Arizona. .. What on earth are they talking about?
I am posting this information so everyone can witness for themselves what Arizona is dealing with .  If we all pass it along, maybe the message will get across to people in other parts of the country.  The first part of their journey starts here, but believe me they are heading out of here fast .... coming soon to a town near you!

To people of other States
We, in Arizona, know you're Some States are boycotting us -- but you really should come to Arizona and see our Beautiful Sonoran Desert with all the wild flowers and cacti in bloom.
It's just gorgeous at this time of year!  We know you'd love it and maybe you can share what you saw with the rest of the country so they can appreciate our love of the desert too!
This is one of many 'illegal super - highways' from South America through Mexico into the USA (Tucson) used by human smugglers. This area is located in a wash, approximately 1.5 miles long, just to the south of Tucson, Arizona. If a flood came, all this would be washed to the river and then onto the sea!    

It is estimated over 5,000 discarded backpacks are in this wash alone.  Countless water containers, food wrappers, clothing, feces, including thousands of soiled baby diapers. And as you can see in this picture, fresh footprints leading right into it

As we kept walking down the wash, we thought for sure it was going to end, but around every corner was more and more trash!

And of course the trail leading out of the wash in our city, heads directly NORTH to Tucson, then leads to your town tomorrow.

They've already come through here.  Isn't Arizona just beatutiful, America?

Why would you boycott us???  Our desert has basically been turned into a landfill ..
Millions of tons of trash!!!!!

The trash left behind by people illegally crossing our borders is just another Environmental Disaster to hit the USA.

If these actions had been done in one of our Northwest Forests or Seashore National Parks areas, there would be an uprising of the American people..... but this is the Arizona-Mexican border and northward. 

You won't see these pictures on CNN, ABC, NBC or the Arizona Republic Repugnant newspaper.
Nor, will they mention the disease that comes from the uncovered human waste left in our desert.

However, with respect to CNN, ABC & NBC, they do offer us "Special Reports" on cheating celebrity spouses....

This information needs to be seen by the rest of the country.