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24 January 2010

NRCC meddling in Arkansas District 2 Congressional Race AGAIN!!

I am a daughter of a well known Arkansas political family who is closely working with an AR2 Congressional Campaign that has just learned of the Fact the National Republican Congressional Caucus [NRCC] is meddling the primary congressional race in fund-raising, favoring one candidate over the other persons who are declared candidates,  I find this behavior very onerous and egregious since it appears the National GOP has chosen the outcome of the primary long before the date of the primary election which is May 18th.  The Republican Party of Arkansas [RPA] has stayed neutral as to the primary race so why can't the national level keep their long Pinocchio nose out of the local level .. all they are doing is riling up and angering the people of Arkansas by the appearance of telling us what person we are supposed to elect to the office,.. We are not illiterate, ignorant or stupid.  and definitely don't appreciate outside persons telling us what we are supposed to do and think!!

I call on the National GOP and especially the NRCC to "butt out" of Arkansas politics!! We are very tired of the "establishment" dictating to us what we should decide.  If you are going to hold a fundraiser, the monies raised should be EQUALLY divided between all candidates for the 2nd District or for whatever race you focus on.  This favoritism you are showing is symptomatic of the reason why independents DON'T  TRUST the establishment,  Have you not learned anything from NY 23 race??  or from the fact that Scott Brown came from behind to win because he was able to distance himself from the mainstream of the GOP with the help of many persons from across the nation not just Massachusetts!!

Their heir apparent is Tim Griffin, who is a Karl Rove protege, a person who was very involved in the Florida Vote caging of 2004, the person who claims to be an Arkansawyer but was not born in the State of Arkansas, which is a basic requirement.. and many more actions which bring into question his reasons for coming to Arkansas in the first place,..  this is not the first time the National organization has interfered in this race..  there was earlier fund-raising interferences back in November and December..

I call on all TPP and any activists willing to Call Rep John Boehner: 202-225-6205, Rep Pete Sessions: 202-225-2231, Rep Eric Cantor: 202-225-2815 - Leaders of the NRCC - to help me in telling them to stay out of Arkansas affairs until after the primary..

Jean McClellan-Chambers

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