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Veterans, Reserves and Active Duty from all parts of Arkansas and across the nation, coming together to support those persons who best exemplify the principles on which our nation was founded - Fiscal Responsibility, Independent & self-sustaining, Freedoms GUARANTEED by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, serving our country not for personal gain but for the common good!!
WE are dedicated to making a difference once more.
We have served in all branches of military beginning with the Revolutionary WAR and continuing in every conflict to include more recently from beaches of Normandy, in jungles of SE Asia, to conflicts in Bosnia, Somalia, The Gulf War, Iraqi Freedom, all through the Cold War Period of 1945 - 1991, dedicating our lives to fighting terrorism in both Afghanistan and Iraq,
we now arise to serve again, fighting to reclaim our country and the principals upon which is was founded!!.


28 January 2010

Calling on all Arkansawyers, Seriously consider the following..

Last night, as I attended an Arkansas Progress and Americans for Prosperity State of the Union gathering... I learned that our now Gov. Beebe inherited over $900M in surplus funds, less than four [4] years later, there is only about $45M in this account which he wants uncontrolled access to,.. I question strongly,

Where has this money has gone??
What has it been spent on??
Why was it necessary to spend it??

In short, I believe the Governor and our legislature needs to give the citizens an accounting of where, what project and why this large sum of money was drained off for or disappeared to.  Why was it not spent on the basic necessities of infrastructure improvements, education and social programs since there does not appear to be any evidence of such..

I call on all Arkansawyers, Concerned Citizens, Tea Party members and anyone alarmed by this fiscal irresponsibility to hold the Arkansas Representatives feet to the fire..

Seriously consider do we need to re-elect a governor who appears to be such a spendthrift, who sits back and allows out Federal Representatives to plunge our State further into debt to the Federal government since Arkansas presently owes $227B for Unemployment Benefits with a state short fall for the new proposed Health Care Program of $100B minimum per year, who stated through his assistants that he did not have ANY say in whether the ruinous Health Care Bill was passed through the House and Senate when other Governors were being very vocal about the impact to their State's budgets from the unfunded mandates, and the list goes on..

EVERY Democrat in the State needs to SERIOUSLY consider what their basic values are: 
if you are an individual who has been a Democrat all your life because your family was, etc, I can strongly assure you, that was my situation,... 
but the Democratic Party of my father and grandfather IS NOT!!  the party of today.. they have completely forgotten the basic roots of the party founding so it is impossible for me, An Arkansas Native McClellan, to continue to forward ideals which are contrary to the founding principals of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.. I call on all "yella dog" Democrats in the State of Arkansas to do as I have done, look to the personal values of the candidate, not the Party.. we must take back out country, one State at a time..

Support my efforts and those of many other like minded individuals by joining an activist group, organizing activist training, going to a local school board, county board or town council meeting,.. in short become involved,.. your voice is only one voice but you will be speaking for a hundred others who do not understand how important this involvement is..

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