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Veterans, Reserves and Active Duty from all parts of Arkansas and across the nation, coming together to support those persons who best exemplify the principles on which our nation was founded - Fiscal Responsibility, Independent & self-sustaining, Freedoms GUARANTEED by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, serving our country not for personal gain but for the common good!!
WE are dedicated to making a difference once more.
We have served in all branches of military beginning with the Revolutionary WAR and continuing in every conflict to include more recently from beaches of Normandy, in jungles of SE Asia, to conflicts in Bosnia, Somalia, The Gulf War, Iraqi Freedom, all through the Cold War Period of 1945 - 1991, dedicating our lives to fighting terrorism in both Afghanistan and Iraq,
we now arise to serve again, fighting to reclaim our country and the principals upon which is was founded!!.


16 May 2010

Obama administration extremely dangerous to our Constitution, Bill of Rights and overall Republican Democracy

This is how dangerous this administration is to our Constitution, Bill of Rights and overall Republican Democracy!!

You may recall sometime back I published a list of the Obama Czars, which are a unelected and unwanted shadow government attempting to control most governmental functions from the Executive Branch of Government, bypassing the legislative process if they do not like or condone what our elected Representatives and Senators have agreed upon as Law,..
RE: the recent EPA regulatory determination is an example declaring Carbon Dioxide [CO2] which plants need to live, a greenhouse gas.. when this is not the major problem as far as air pollution goes!! this is just a cover to be able to foist a form of 'cap & tax' on us!!

NOW, take time to read what Cass Sunstein, Van Jones and others are verbalizing we should do concerning our form of government...

I believe this is just the tip of the Titanic Iceberg!!

If this does not infuriate you, I do not know what will,, any real American should be completely up in arms over these positions which fly in the face of all we have struggled to maintain and preserve for the future generations to come..

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