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22 February 2010

ALERT: Pres. Obama Releases Proposed Changes to Healthcare Bill

ALERT From Take Back Medicine
Pres. Obama Releases Proposed Changes to Healthcare Bill
Pres. Obama announces price controls, tax hikes, and sweetheart deals for everyone.

Undeterred by public rejection of "comprehensive healthcare reform," today President Obama released an 11-page report outlining his healthcare proposal.   He claims it "contains new ideas from both parties" and that it will "give the American people and small business owners more control over their health care choices."

The reality is that his new deal, (according to our friends at contains price controls, tax hikes, and "sweetheart deals" for everyone.

Here are some resources for a look at what is really in his proposal:

Heritage Foundation:


Wall Street Journal:

Democrats are planning to try to push through the president's plan, after a show summit with Republican leaders on Feb 25. They apparently plan to bend to their purposes a tricky maneuver called "budget reconciliation" (a trillion-dollar bill does affect the budget) - which is aptly called the "nuclear option." It blasts away the usual defenses such as hearings, debates, or filibustering. It would also turn traditional American medicine and insurance into a smoldering ruin-not the objective they advertise!

The first two rails of total government control have already been laid, observes long-time AAPS member Lee Vliet, M.D., in the "stimulus bill." These are computerized medical records and comparative effectiveness research. The third rail, the one that powers the train by controlling the money, is called "insurance reform."  Read full article by Dr. Vliet: .


Here are three action steps you can take in the next few days before Thursday's "Healthcare Summit"
(from our friends at the American Grassroots Coalition).

1. Sign the Petition demanding that the Republicans stand firm and not make any concessions.  Please forward to family, colleagues, neighbors, and friends to sign.  There is power in numbers and we all need to stand strong together.

2. Contact the Senators listed at the bottom of this email to let them know that you expect them to stand firm and not make any concessions on a government takeover of health care. If you are not their constituent, you should tell them that their vote represents the American people, as well as their constituents, and you expect them to listen to and represent the American people.
3. Contact the Republican Leadership and let them know that we are watching and waiting.  We expect every single member of the Republican party to stand on principles and values, while representing the American people.
The Republican Leadership in the House is committed to stand firm and wants to start from scratch.  We need to support their efforts and let them know we are standing behind them.  We should thank them for listening to the American people.

Congressman John Boehner
Congressman Eric Cantor
Congressman Mike Pence

We are not hearing the same things come from the Republican Leadership in the Senate.  We need to contact the Republican Leadership in the Senate and let them know what we expect from them.  They need to know that we expect all Republicans to insist that all negotiations start over with a blank sheet of paper.

Senator Mitch McConnell
Senator Jon Kyl

We all thought this this health care legislation was dead after the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts because he was the 41st vote.  Well, not so fast.  He is the 41st vote only if all of the other Republicans in Washington stand firm and do not cave or make any concessions.
We must make it clear to ALL of our elected officials that we want NO part of the Senate or House bills to be proposed or accepted.  The American people want these bills rejected and to start over with a clean slate. We will accept nothing less.

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