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we now arise to serve again, fighting to reclaim our country and the principals upon which is was founded!!.


12 December 2009

H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

111th Congress

This is a bill in the U.S. Congress originating in the House of
Representatives ("H.R."). A bill must be passed by both the House and
Senate and then be signed by the President before it becomes law.

Bill numbers restart from 1 every two years. Each two-year cycle is
called a session of Congress. This bill was created in the 111th
Congress, in 2009-2010.

The titles of bills are written by the bill's sponsor and are a part of
the legislation itself.


No AR-1 Berry, Robert [D]
Aye AR-2 Snyder, Victor [D]
No AR-3 Boozman, John [R]
No AR-4 Ross, Mike [D]

Totals Democrats Republicans Independents
All Votes

To Win

Aye: 219 (50%)

210 8 0
No: 212 (49%)

44 168 0
Present: 0 (0%)

0 0 0
3 (1%)

1 2 0
Simple Majority of 431 votes
(=216 votes)
in Congress will affect vote totals.)

American Clean Energy
and Security Act of 2009


create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, reduce global
warming pollution and transition to a clean energy economy.



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Occurred: Introduced May
15, 2009
Occurred: Referred to Committee View
Committee Assignments
Occurred: Reported by Committee May
21, 2009
Occurred: Amendments (2 proposed) View
Occurred: Passed House Jun
26, 2009
Not Yet Occurred: Senate Vote ...
Not Yet Occurred: Signed by President ...
bill has been passed in the House. The bill now goes on to be
voted on in the Senate. Keep in mind that debate may be taking place on
a companion bill in the Senate, rather than on this particular bill.

[Last Updated: Nov 13, 2009 8:52PM]

Last Action:
Jul 7, 2009: Read the second time. Placed on Senate
Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 97.

Other Titles:

-- Global Change Research and Data Management Act of
-- GREEN Act of 2009
-- Green Resources for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods
Act of 2009
-- National Climate Service Act of 2009
-- Safe Climate Act


See the Related

page for other bills related to this one and a list of subject terms
that have been applied to this bill. Sometimes the text of one bill or
resolution is incorporated into another, and in those cases the
original bill or resolution, as it would appear here, would seem to be

Primary Source

See H.R.
for the official source of information on
this bill or resolution.


Jun 26, 2009: This bill passed
in the House of Representatives by roll call vote. The totals
were 219 Ayes, 212 Nays, 3 Present/Not Voting. Vote
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up a Member of Congress

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