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Veterans, Reserves and Active Duty from all parts of Arkansas and across the nation, coming together to support those persons who best exemplify the principles on which our nation was founded - Fiscal Responsibility, Independent & self-sustaining, Freedoms GUARANTEED by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, serving our country not for personal gain but for the common good!!
WE are dedicated to making a difference once more.
We have served in all branches of military beginning with the Revolutionary WAR and continuing in every conflict to include more recently from beaches of Normandy, in jungles of SE Asia, to conflicts in Bosnia, Somalia, The Gulf War, Iraqi Freedom, all through the Cold War Period of 1945 - 1991, dedicating our lives to fighting terrorism in both Afghanistan and Iraq,
we now arise to serve again, fighting to reclaim our country and the principals upon which is was founded!!.


24 November 2009



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CONWAY– Republican second congressional district candidate, David Meeks, announced today that Jean McClellan-Chambers has joined his campaign committee.

Ms. McClellan-Chambers is the niece of the late Senator John McClellan who served the state of Arkansas in the United States Senate from 1943-1977 – Arkansas’s longest serving Senator.

“My uncle, much like David Meeks, was a man of principle and ethics. He strongly believed that his obligation to his constituents was more important than his party affiliation and often voted against New Deal policies when he knew it would hurt the citizens of Arkansas.” McClellan-Chambers said.

“I, like my uncle, was a Democratic Party follower; however, I do not feel that the Democratic Party represents the principles and ethic values so dear to me and this country. It is no longer the party that I identified with, nor is it the party that Senator John McClellan was a member of.”

A Vietnam era veteran and former military wife, Ms. McClellan-Chambers will head up:
Veteran’s For Meeks Coalition (
and will sit on the campaign committee helping to advise the campaign and organize events.

You can follow Ms. McClellan-Chambers at

About David Meeks

David is a common man running for the United States House of Representatives for the Second Congressional District of Arkansas. A Christian, husband, veteran and Arkansan, David believes it is time to elect a true representative of the Arkansas Second Congressional District.
David, and his wife Naomi, live in Conway where he drives a truck for Ferrellgas and is actively involved in his church.

For more information visit or follow David on twitter

1 comment:

AR Vets Coalition said...

To my fellow Arkansawyers:

A Vote for any Democratic Candidate is a vote for Blanche Lincoln, Vic Snyder, Marion Berry, Universal Health Care and any other social/legal agenda of the Democratic Party.

I am the niece of Sen John L. McClellan. I have followed many an election campaign and cast my vote mainly for the ideals of the Democratic Party.

But Sadly, Today, I must confess to all, I am no longer able to justify the socialist agenda of this electorate group, nor can I in good conscience continue to support the direction the Democratic Party is being driven. The Democrats have lost their way, buying into the mantra and dogma that the government is the only entity that “knows what is best for it’s people”. This is not the party my family knew from the 50's & 60's, not representative of civil rights and personal freedoms, it has become the party of “I know what’s best for you and you will like it regardless.”
Many of us are old enough to understand what communism is and what it championed, many of us have fought against it’s insurgence into our Republican Democracy, many of us fully understand what it means to be a Citizen of the greatest county that champions individual rights, that was willing to revolt under the yoke of tyranny over 200 years ago. I ask, what has happened to that spirit?? Do the citizens of this country not realize we are facing a 2nd Revolution?? A revolution that will take us back to the bonds of tyranny we fought to throw off?
Several decades back, Lenin uttered a statement about America self-destructing into a socialist state, his words are fast coming to fruition.. Strongly consider his statement because this is what not only the Health Care Bill but Cap and Trade are good examples of. I am reminded of several quotations by three well know persons;

""A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." " ~ Thomas Jefferson

""Socialism is the Philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."" ~ Winston Churchill

""The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.""
~ Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

to all appearances this is what the Democratic Party is espousing by means of making every citizen dependent on the government for the least of their needs in daily living. This is what Communistic Socialism is.

It is time for each of us to take time for serious reflection of what our core values are,.. then find a candidate that espouses your principals and ideals,.. instead of sitting back using the rhetoric of "they" and "someone" in our complaining, work toward making these terms become "I", "WE" and "US",.. thus taking responsibility for what is happening within "your" government. I am reminding you, IT IS YOUR GOVERNMENT, NOT THE POLITICIANS!! Your political leaders serve only with your permission to lead, They are under oath required to represent and uphold all the values of the Constitution with it's Bill of Rights. They should serve only as long as they are truly represent the values of the area you live in and many which are dear to all patriot Americans, no matter what ethnic origin.

I ask each and everyone of you to except the responsibility of being a true American, take an active part in the upcoming election within the scope of your resources and ability.